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Teacup Yorkies Puppies for Sale

Finding A Furry Companion Should Not Be That Difficult or Expensive...Today for the most amazing prices possible bring home an adorable Yorkie pup. Purchase now at $250 Each And 30 Days 100% MoneyBack Guarantee, Plus shipping.
It definitely doesn't get better! 

Akc Registered Beautiful Teacup Yorkie Puppies

Welcome to our Yorkie Puppies Website! We're here to help and support anyone who wants to become part of the Yorkie puppy family. We have Yorkie Puppies available. Once a puppy is placed, we're available for any information you may need to help you in raising your Yorkie. We want to make sure that both you and the puppy have a smooth transition. These magnificent dogs will steal your heart with their comical antics and sweet personalities. Take a look and hold on to your heart…..

Available Teacup YOrkies


COCO (Female)

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LINDA (Female)

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Breed Information

The Yorkshire Terrier Breed did not start as the attractive and classy type that they are today. They are a mix of supposed terrier breeds developed from numerous terrier breeds. The best understanding is that the Yorkshire was a crossbreed formed from the Waterside, Manchester, Clydesdale, Skye, and Paisley Terriers.
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See what our customers are saying !!!

"Just wanted to let you know that we are so thrilled to have Lena here with us! She is snoring (quietly??) away in her kennel. Our boys were So shocked when we picked her up at the airport....they kept asking if he was really ours. Thank you for making our Holiday special. :-) We wish you the very best Guys"


"Our family wants to thank you for all the time you gave us in helping us find our wonderful new family member Priya. She is the best puppy in the world! she has such a great personality…cuddly, curious, active and a little stubborn!. We thank you so very very much and also thank god for directing us to you"

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