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Health Guarantee

Over the past 8 years we've grown from a very small and untrusted unit into a household trusted name with extremely happy customers in various locations around the world. We spent years finding the best breeders and building good professional relationships with them. We made huge efforts at the level of the family to observe and notice the smallest health issue and pick the best puppies from a litter. The puppies we offer for sale are examined by our licensed veterinarian, they are given a health certificates and are up-to-date with all required vaccinations. If it was possible to do more to insure a puppy's health, we would do it without any retardations. This guarantee is not meant to warrant that your puppy will not have a health problem in his or her entire life. A dog's health depends on many different factors such as proper feeding, care, exercise and genetics. Some of these are unpredictable or we have no influence on them. In spite of our experience, strict protocols and loving care, no one can guarantee that your dog will not have a health issue at some stage of the dogs life. However, what we can do is guarantee your satisfaction.
Hassle-free Satisfaction Guarantee:
In addition to our 14 days No string attached 100% money back Guarantee, If you are not happy about the dog you purchase owing to a health issue, just tell us about it, provide proof for your claim and you get a 70% discount on the price of another puppy that you buy from us within 5 years of your purchase. This is a hassle-free satisfaction guarantee. We do not require veterinary reports and evidence of your puppy's condition. However we suggest that when you notice anything abnormal with your dog, before you contact us, kindly take your dog to a vet as soon as possible. We may ask you to send us photos and or videos of your dog so that we can help you solve the problem. This guarantee is only valid for puppies purchased at a full price. As an alternative to the Hassle-free Satisfaction Guarantee, you may also choose to proceed with the Puppy Loss Coverage Guarantee.
Puppy Loss Coverage Guarantee
What is covered:
1. We guarantee your puppy against fatal viruses for five (5) days or 120 hours from its arrival. These are: Distemper, Parvo, and Corona virus.
2. This guarantee covers your puppy until ten (10) years of age against death caused by genetic or congenital reason.
3. This guarantee covers your puppy against fatal and life altering congenital and genetic diseases which adversely affect the health of the animal. This includes: generalized demodectic mange (not localized), kidney and heart failure, spine, and liver problems.
4. The guarantee covers your dog against severe luxating patellas, severe hip and elbow dyspepsia which hampers the dog's movement and natural gait and requires surgery to correct until two (2) years of age.
Making a guarantee claim:
We believe that a beloved dog you've lost cannot be replaced. We can, however, ease your pain by offering another puppy. In such event you may choose another puppy of equivalent value from our website within six months of the tragic event. You are only responsible for the total transportation cost of the new puppy. We do not require, but may reserve the right to have the dog in question sent back at your expense.
The official report - written up with the clinic's official headed paper and signed by the veterinarian - including the dog's date of birth, registered name/number, and microchip number must be scanned and emailed or faxed to us within 24 hours after the examination. The report must be clear and precise stating the symptoms, exact problem, severity and the test(s) that have been done, e.g x-ray, ultrasound, blood test, etc. A second (2nd) official licensed veterinarian's report from another independent clinic may also be required. Clear digital photos and/or video may also be requested to verify the problem. Before any claim is granted Our licensed veterinarian or a specialist will have to view and approve the validity of the claim.
2. In the event of death, a necropsy report is required to ascertain reason.
3. In case of severe elbow or hip dysplasia, the radiograph should be permanently identified in the
film emulsion with microchip number, registered name and/or number, date of birth, name of the veterinarian or hospital making the film and the date that the radiograph is taken.
What is not covered:
1. Coccidia, giardia, kennel cough, cold, pneumonia and other bacterial diseases are not covered.
2. Diseases which are not life threatening and do not adversely affect the health of the animal are not covered by this guarantee. Such diseases are localized demodectic mange, grade 1-2 heart murmur, grade 1-2 luxating patellas, cherry eye, localized mange, bladder stones, inverted eye-lids, inverted tails, testicle problems (pre-departure vet check will insure both testicles have descended). The guarantee does not cover what in the Yorkie breed is considered normal: loose hips, demodectic mange (generalized and localized), and skin allergies.
3. We cannot be held responsible for veterinarian fees or costs. As a dog owner, you are aware that owning a puppy means visits to the veterinarian and understand that you will be responsible for all payments. Therefore, we strongly recommend that you buy pet insurance for your dog to cover unexpected veterinarian fees. Veterinarian care including vaccines, de-worming and heart worm treatment plus regular checkups are all part of owning a puppy and small problems should be treated before they escalate into bigger ones. The guarantee will not cover neglect or improper care by the owner!
PS: All puppies bought from us equally come with a 14 days unrestricted and no questions asked 

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